Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas from me and Elisa

This is a new sim I made, Elisa.

Hair by Peggyzone (unifourtunatly it's a pay hair, but Anubis under the sun has done a retexture of it that's free)
Eyebrows nr.15 by Subaxi
Lower eyelashes by Subaxi
Freckles by LadyFrontbum
Lipgloss by Lemonleaf
Everyday top by LianaSims
Everyday jeans "Boyfriend jeans" by AllAboutStyle
Formal dress by Ossa at TSR (sorry, not very fond of that site, but I can't help thinking some artists make good work)
Formal shoes are from TSR aswell
Sleepwear top and athletic pants by Lilisims.

All other stuff that


My studio at The Sims3 Forum (some of the clothes are in Sims3pack-format and will download with sim)

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Let me present Sean

This is Sean, a sim I actually made a long time ago. I gave him a minor make over since I wanted to try out the new eyebrows by Missbonbon. I can't get enough eyebrows - they make such a difference to a face. In this case, I like the shape of the eyebrows since I think they gave my rocker Sean a slightly melancholic look.

Last pic of formal clothes.

Hair by Tum Tum
Eyebrows by Missbonbon (nr.14)
Tattoos by Newone at Modthesims
(Everyday) jeans by Aikea Guinea
Vans shoes by Lilisims
Rock star jacket as "formal" top by Darko sims

Formal jeans are from EP Late Night and all other stuff base game.
For default replacements, check links to the right!

Link to sim in my studio on the Sims 3 Forum exchange

Sunday, December 5, 2010

New sim: Sunshine

Sunshine was the first sim I made to play when I had installed Late Nite. I wasn't actually planning on creating something particulary unique, but I kind of surprised myself. I ended up tweaking on her looks for quite some time before I actually started playing. Anyway, here she is - and I hope you like her.

Oh, I just had to add these last pictures. In my game, Sunshine hit it off and then made a move on celebrity Emmy Starr. My next project is rebuilding and redecoration Emmy's house (now my Sunshine's and Emmy's home) in Bridgeport (Emmy's ex Alan had to go of course).

For default replacements, please check links to the right.

Lipgloss by Channy and Vivin (to find the link, scroll down and/or use google translate)
Formal earings I thought was from Rose sims, but unfourtunatly now I can't find them on the site. I'll try to get back on that one.
All other accessories and clothes that aren't base game are from expansion pack Late Night


Sims 3 Exchange (lipgloss will probably come with sim)