Friday, February 25, 2011

New modern home: Asplunden

I've finally finished my second modern house. The name means "the Aspen grove" in Swedish.* The house is build on a 40x30 lot, in this case the lot next to Agnes Crumplebuttom on Redwood Parkway in Sunset Valley.

Expansion packs
World adventures
Late night

Sims 3 Store items
Ultra lounge sofas and arm chairs
Child stuff: Panda Crib, Mel the Monkey chest, Tiny Tike dresser, Animal Friends Ceiling Lamp, Mochi Doggy Lamp
Lights: "Nightly light" wall light, Two Arm Floor Lamp, Mostly Square Table Light
Plant:  Shrub of Tranquility

Curtains from Sims Design Avenue
Black and white Retro posters by Loverdag
Dala horse from Clutter pack by Babyyaga at Mod the sims
Modern rugs by Simplystyling
Bathroom rug by Simplystyling
Tiles "Chocolate" by Kuba at
Butterfly pattern by Tribecca Sims
Pattern with trees by Simcredible design
All other patterns by Simsational design

I've made two files for manual downloading this time. In the first file all patterns and the rugs will download with the file. In the second one I've removed the CC. The file at Sims 3 exchange is with cc mentioned.
Asplunden at Mediafire
Asplunden no CC at Mediafire
Asplunden at Sims 3 Exchange

* I was going to name the house "Björklunden" (the Birch grove), since I've placed, what I think look like birch trees in the garden. Birches are common in Sweden, but for some strange reason the Sims 3 game (Swedish version) calls them "Asp trees". Lucklily ""Asp" may make more sense in an internations context, since it's easier to spell than "björk". And we have a lot of aspen trees here aswell. Moreover, there was a Swedish architect named Gunnar Asplund, actually a proponent of the modernist style in the 30's. About Gunnar Asplund at Wikipedia.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The japanese leafy garden

I'm sorry for taking so long with updating. Hopefully I'll get more inspiration, and time, soon. Anyway, here is a garden I've been working on for some time. I was inspired by those Japanse gardens with a lush vegetation. A place for adults to hang out to relax in the shadows. I thought Bridgeport was in a desperate need for that!

The garden contains no CC, but some stuff from World Adventures EP.

Japanese Garden Mediafire

Japanese Garden at the exchange - Sims 3