Friday, April 22, 2011

New Sim: Leo

Let's meet Leo, one of my favourite sims to play. His traits were from the beginning artistic, over-emotional, great kisser, natural cook and hopeless romantic. I changed his artistic trait to childish since I realised he was more fun that way (if you want that version of Leo, please just do the same if you like to).


Everyday Jeans from EP Late Night

And, as always, I use my faourite default replacement eyes/skin/hair etc... Links found to the right!
Oh, and thanks TumTum Simiolino for the male poses which was fun to use when I tried out the Pose player for the first time.


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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Villa gli ulivi - The house by the olive tree

This i my attempt to make a typical Italian Villa. I started from the EA premade "Mediterranean house" and made a completly refurbished version of it. The lot is only 30x40 and I've placed it on the street close to the Old pier beach in Sunset Valley. It's the lot on the corner of Sun Song av, next to the Frio household.

Expansion packs
World adventures

Sims 3 Store items
Child stuff: Panda Crib, Tiny Tike dresser, Animal Friends Ceiling Lamp
Kitchen: Overachieving counter and overhead cabinet
Secrecy curtains
Estate Fence and Minor Estate gate
Some plants, art and other decorational objects

Curtains from Sims Design Avenue
Modern rugs by Simplystyling
Bathroom rug by Simplystyling
Paintings by Shannon at Black pearl Sims
Pattern with trees by Simcredible design
Pattern with flowers alanmc12, came with Red October house download

Download from Mediafire
Villa gli ulivi (this file include the rugs and pattern)
Villa gli ulivi (cc removed)

Download from Sims 3 exchange
Villa gli ulivi