Saturday, May 14, 2011

Film palace - "The old and new glam" totally refurbished

While I was playing my game with my sim Sunshine in Bridgeport I decided to do something about the house she was living in. In my game she fells in love with Emmy Starr, who, when the game begins, lives in the house "Old and new glam" at 12 Bogaard Lane (Celluloid Heights) with her partner Alan Stanley.
After I refurbished the whole house I moved it to another game in Sunset Valley, happy to realise it fits well on one of my favourite lots, the 40x30 lot next to Agnes Crumplebuttom on Redwood Parkway.

Next to the garage I added a little "pool house" with bath room facilies:

Expansion packs
World adventures
Late night

Sims 3 Store items
Plant:  Shrub of Tranquility. There might be some decorational objects that I've forgotten about. But don't worry, if you don't have them, the game will replace them with base game objects.

Curtains from Sims Design Avenue
Black and white Retro posters by Loverdag
Paintings by Shannon at Black pearl Sims
Modern rugs by Simplystyling
Tiles pattern "Chocolate" by Kuba at
Pattern with flowers alanmc12, came with Red October house download

I've made two files for manual downloading. In the first file the patterns and the rugs will download with the file. In the second one I've removed the CC.

Film palace mediafire
Film palace no cc mediafire
Film palace at Sims 3 Exchange