Sunday, November 7, 2010

New sim: Adrienne

I'm so sorry everyone, for taking so long. Life has just been busy and my game has been glitchy. I've been working on a new house and can't figure out why my game crashes to desktop randomly when I'm trying to build a pool. That has never happended before and it's so annoying. Anyway, I put that project on hold and start on making sims instead. Let me present: Adrienne:

For default replacement, please check my list to the right.
Hair made by Aikea Guinea
Ear piercings by Astray sims
Tattoo by Kittyklan
Eyelashes/eyliner by Subaxi
Lipgloss 11 Lemonleaf
Glasses by Wayfarer by Tamo/Mod the sims
Everyday wear by Lianasims
Formal wear by Lianasims
Sports wear top and leggings by Lilisims

Sim-file from Mediafire
Sims3pack from Sims 3 Exchange